The designed mutations or corrections are marked as "(a/b)". "a" is the original sequence and "b" is the designed mutation sequence,
"a" or "b" could be null value to represent the deletion "(a/)" or insertion "(/b)", respectively.

Upload a fasta format File:

PAM sequence NGG     NG      
Cut distance to PAM
Spacer length: 20
Spacer GC content (%): 0-100
Prime editing window (the default values are recommended): 1-15
PBS length: 7-16
PBS GC content (%): 0-100
Recommended Tm of PBS sequence (℃): 30
Homologous RT template length (the default values are recommended): 7-16
Tm-directed PBS length model
Exclude first C in RT template   
Dual-pegRNA model

Primer design:
pOsU3 pTaU3 pH-nCas9-PPE-V2/pH-ePPE
Forward primer (5'-3'): + Spacer sequence +
Reverse primer (5'-3'): + PBS and RT template sequence +

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